Bars in Madrid

Did you know that out of the 190 countries in the world, 61% have a drinking age of 18 or 19 years old? As international student who arrived to the USA, I understand that it’s different when we face a 21 years old drinking age. Specially because for some of us, turning 18 years old means a lot in our cultures. Meanwhile, it’s meaningless in the US. 

Good new!! Spain is part of that 61% where the drinking age is 18 years old. Even though this might seem superficial and unimportant, socializing makes your experience abroad more fun. I’m not implying that you HAVE to drink to have a fun experience abroad. Instead, I imply that in Spain you will be able to entry a nightclub if you’re 18+. You don’t need to drink to have fun, Spain have a broad nightlife that welcomes everyone, and you can be part of it earlier than in the US. 

If you’re 18+ and you want to enjoy the best bars in Madrid, these are my favorites: 

Terraza de la Reina: 

  • Location: Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, s/n, 28004 Madrid 
  • Type of bar: Bar located in a square. There’s outdoor and indoor spaces. 
  • When to go: definitely at night, when it’s not raining so you can seat outside. It’s perfect to go on a date 
  • About the place: I’m genuinely in love with this place. When I went there, I was with my girlfriend and we didn’t know where to go. We saw this place and waited in line for 20 minutes asking ourselves if it was worth the wait, and it was. The atmosphere catches you, it makes you feel like you came to the right place to spend your night. Very charming place to grab a drink and have a conversation in one my favorite neighborhoods in Madrid: Chueca. I’m a big fan of cocktails and piña coladas, and I must say that I’ve had very bad experiences with piña coladas in Madrid (for those who come from tropical countries, it’s a real struggle to find one that tastes like home). I took a risk and I ordered a piña colada at this place, and I will admit that I was surprised. It doesn’t compare to the one in Venezuela, but it was very good! Highly recommended the piña colada at this place. They have a wide variety of drinks, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Also, if you don’t feel like drinking, they have small plates available. Stop by and enjoy a summer (or maybe a winter) night, in Madrid. 
Bets piña colada in Madrid -so far-

Azotea del Circulo de Bellas Artes

  • Location: Calle del Marqués de Casa Riera, 2, 28004, Madrid, Spain
  • Type of bar: It’s a rooftop bar, mostly outdoor spaces, it has a few indoor spaces.
  • When to go: Before the sunset. From this rooftop, you will have an amazing view of the city, and the contrast with the sunset is a life-time experience.
  • About the place: To get in, you have to pay €4 (only to go to the top). This is definitely one of my favorite places in Madrid, the music is not too loud but it’s there, it has different spaces, cocktails are good, and the view is priceless.
My favorite picture in this place. I hope you can catch the essence and the magic of this place. I was there right before the sunset and the colors of the city shine bright and clear.

Terraza Cibeles

  • Location: Plaza Cibeles, 1, 28014, Madrid, Spain
  • When to go: Before the sunset, the view is beautiful as well.
  • About the place: To enter to this terraza, you have to pay €6 per person, but totally worth it! Excellent place to have a drink and watch the sunset over Madrid. They have good cocktails and a delicious selection of wine; however, please DO NOT order piña colada! It’s terrible. Overall, it’s a good place to go out with friends to pregame and spend a good night in Madrid.

This is “el palacio de Cibeles”. Terraza Cibeles is outside, along with other luxury restaurants with awesome views, good food, exotic e and good live music.

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