Let’s talk about Spainish gastronomy

Madrid is a loud city, a city that doesn’t sleep. Madrid has and endless nightlife, delicious tapas and hidden bars. This is the post for you to enjoy all those little pleasures that Madrid had to offer.

Upon arriving to Madrid I had very high expectations regarding its food. When traveling, it’s a must to try the gastronomy of this new place. To immerse in a culture there are multiple thing that need to be done, and my favorite is trying new dishes, flavors and drinks. 

If you have never tried Spanish food, this is your moment! You will never regret it and you will always go back for more. Here is my top 3 Spanish restaurants in Madrid: 

Ginger Restaurant:  

  • Location: Plaza Angel, 12, 28012, Madrid, Spain 
  • Type of food: Spanish food and Asian fusion 
  • When to go: I suggest you to go Friday for lunch, between 12pm and 4pm. In Spain there is something called “menu del día”, it’s a pre-elaborated menu that the restaurant offers during week days for lunch time. You have 3 or 4 different options for first plate, 3 or 4 other options for second plate, dessert, and a drink. In this restaurant, the price for the “menu del día” is €13 per person. Even though their general menu looks good, I recommend to go on Fridays and ask for el menu del día because it’s more affordable and on Fridays they include Paella on their first plates options. The paella in this place is one of the best that I tried in Madrid, you will not regret it.
  • About the place: Great place to go on a date, the atmosphere is romantic and elegant. 
  • Walking distance for Sol metro station.
Paella, wine and flan (Type of dessert) are a must at this place. Enjoy it!

La casa de Valencia:

  • Location: Paseo del Pintor Rosales, 58, 28008
  • Type of food: Arroceria, Paella.
  • When to go: I went there twice, during the weekend and during the week. I didn’t notice any difference beyond the amount of people in the restaurant. It’s a great place for lunch and dinner, however, I would recommend dinner. 
  • About the place: This is a not tourist place, you will feel like a local in the restaurant, so be ready to practice your Spanish when ordering. This is the perfect place to stop for traditional paella during your time in Madrid. They have many options: Paella Valenciana (with chicken), paella con Mariscos (with seafood), paella Mixta (with chicken and seafood) and many other options. It’s a little bit out of the way from the central Madrid but the neighborhood is lovely and nice to walk around. The service will make you feel at home and you will have a real ‘Spanish local experience’.
This is the Paella Mixta, it has chicken and seafood. My favorite!

El sur:

  • Location: Calle de la Torrecilla del Leal, 12, 28012, Madrid, Spain
  • Type of food: Tapas bar, Small plates
  • When to go: whenever you feel like having tapas, a drink and a good conversation with friends. Try to arrive early as there is limited seating.
  • About the place: it’s not a tourist area either, however it’s a fun and party neighborhood. This is one of the top spots in Madrid when talking about tapas. Tapas are small traditional plates in Spain, usually accompanied with something to drink such as wine, beer or a cocktail. This is a charming place with kind service and excellent food. My recommendation is to try Gambas in garlic oil, salads, empanadas, patatas bravas, jamón ibérico and croquetas de jamón. You will love it! Plus, tapas are part of the whole Spanish experience, they are a MUST!
Warning: Tapas are addictive!

El Caldero

  • Location: Calle de las Huertas, 15, 28012
  • Type of food: Spanish, Mediterranean 
  • When to go: definitely for dinner! It’s a classy and romantic place with a great ambience. 
  • About the place: Again! It’s an amazing place to eat Spanish food (the thing is that I doubt that you will get tire dog Spanish food). I recommend to try the “arroz al caldero” which is a variation from the paella. The preparation is different as well as the taste. Food has an excellent quality and taste; service is good. This is the non-traditional experience in Madrid; besides Paella and tapas, madrid has much more to over with its gastronomy, even though “arroz al caldero” doesn’t get enough credits, it’s a dish worth-trying. 
My date and delicious “Arroz al caldero”. My two recommendations for this place are very clear:
1. You definitely want to try “arroz al caldero”
2. Enjoy it with your best company
Isn’t she the cutest date?

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