Cheap and great bares/tapas in Madrid

Madrid has it -almost- all. What I love about Madrid the most is the versatility and the adaptability of the city. Madrid adapts to you, you don’t have to adapt to Madrid. Every time you look for restaurant suggestions in brand new cities -for you- the first options might not fit you budget. This post is to show you that Madrid is not all about expensive dinners and luxury restaurants; actually, I’ve had great experiences at tiny hidden bars where I haven’t spent more than €10 the night. This is my top 3 most enjoyable and ‘affordable’ places to have a date, go out with friends or just go by yourself and enjoy the night!

100 montaditos:

⁃ Location: it’s a franchise, so you will most likely find a location nearby if you google it. My favorite location is Plaza Sta. Barbara, 9, 28004, Madrid, Spain because it has a terrace. During summer it’s fresh and a good way to scale the heat and craziness of the city.

⁃ When to go: Best days are Wednesday and Sunday because -almost- everything in the menu is €1

⁃ About the place: It’s a bar, they have over 100 variety so small sandwiches or “bocadillos”, they cost between €1 or €2 depending on the inside. For me, 3 or for montaditos are enough, bu that’s up to you. They also have pints (sangria, cider or beer) for €1.5 Olives, croquetas and Francis fries with cheese and bacon are a must!

In the picture: Montaditos (small sandwiches), French Friday with cheese and bacon, olive (they have two types), beer, apple cider, and this beauty. She loves beer but my favorite is the apple cider, it’s a must if you visit this place!

El Tigre Sidra Bar:

⁃ Location: Calle de las Infantas, 23, 28004, Madrid, Spain

⁃ When to go: Anytime in the evening is a good idea

⁃ About the place: Cheap bar in Madrid. You will pay €5 for a pitch of any drink they offer (beer, sangria, cider) and it will include a big plate of tapas for free. It’s a great space to go out with friends. If it’s a big group, you guys will end up having a bunch of tapas on your table.

I tried to find a better picture in my phone but we were distracted. We had a great time at this place; I went with some friends on a Friday night and I highly recommend to try this place at least one. Sangria was my favorite! (Again, I’m not a big beer fan)

El mercado de San Miguel:

⁃ Location: Plaza de San Miguel, 5, 28005, Madrid, Spain

⁃ When to go: It closes at 12am, and to be honest anytime is good to be around

⁃ About the place: it’s a MUST in Madrid. In this “mercado” you will find exotic and traditional tapas, it’s a fusion of different kind of food from many different parts of the world, made in tapas. Even if you are not a big tapas’ fan, you will find this place worth the try. This “mercado” has from traditional Spanish tapas, to oysters and ice cream.

El Mercado de San Miguel is a whole experience. The place around is beautiful and vibrant, the insight is a new world to discover and the food will delight you!

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